Skinsperation 2019

By Claire Wolfe

Edited and Intro by Beth Zollars

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Editors Note

I met Claire about a decade ago, just out of high school looking for a job in my retail store. Hiring her before walking out the door and continuing to work for me on and off for the next several years, she ultimately rose to the position of General Manager.

Parting ways – Her love of the sea perhaps even stronger than mine, she eventually moved to California.

Fast forward a few years, married Mrs. Wolfe now makes her home back in Kansas City working in the Medical Spa industry in education and training, with an emphasis on skin care.

Previously in “Her Story” (Gloria Rudd’s) piece – re-creation at any age, is one of the key elements in building resiliency and ultimately a joyful and meaningful life – you can read the full story here

Claire, re-creating herself and continuing to exhibit her dynamo talents tackling each new challenge with gusto and passion – as I would expect from such a talented young woman.

The post is not a sponsored one, and I have no ties to AesthetiCare Med Spa or the products she mentions. However, I am customer of AesthetiCare and a user of Environ products and I LOVE both. Super easy, with big results.

Your 2019 Skinsperation has arrived!

I think its safe to say everybody wants to have amazing skin.

I have been on this journey since I was a pizza faced teenager!

I became so obsessed with skincare I had to find a career in the industry just to afford my obsession with creams and services!

After years of trying lots of products, I recently found one that I can never live without! 

Finding the right products can be so hard- the market is FLOODED with millions of products and services for skincare, and its hard to tell what is the best for you. In this post I try to break it down while introducing you to my new best friend… Environ! 

The truth is, skincare is actually really simple.

Just like all your organs it needs basic nutrition. One of the worlds top Plastic Surgeons and founder of Environ, Dr. Des Fernendes said it best,

“Aging skin is a direct result of sun-induced vitamin A deficiency. Correct the deficiency and you’ll have more radiant looking skin” 

Ive been told for years that the fountain to youth and good skin is Retinal and Tretinoin. They are the most common forms of vitamin A for skincare. However, the problem I have found is that when using those creams my skin gets BEYOND irritated!

I turn bright red, my skin starts flaking and sometimes can even have a little break out!!!

Sound familiar? Its almost unbearable! 

So what makes Environ different? 
Environ uses a progressive step program that allows your skin to become gradually more comfortable with increased dosages of Vitamin A.

Since using Environ I have never had to deal with the red, flaky reaction that I always had with retinals!!

The best part is, it not only gives me my doses of Vitamin A but It also gives me my dose of Vitamin C (the other essential vitamin that your skin needs) to fight off free radicals and all that other yucky stuff in the air!

It has simplified my routine and my skin feels healthy and happy!

One thing I have always battled with my endless quest of achieving good skin is all the prep work involved!

I swear, at one point it took me about 20 minutes just to put on all my creams!

Good skin is important at any age.

Environ is awesome because it wraps up almost everything your skin needs into two bottles. This product is designed to be paired with a defence cream and between those two, you are pretty much good to go!

They provide you with the holy trinity of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants. You will still need sunscreen of course, and I personally also love the feeling of Hylaurinic acid so I always put that on first! If you aren’t already using a Hylaurnic acid…go get one now!

It plumps your skin with moisture and feels like putting silk all over your face!

I have seen such a difference in my skin since starting this regime! I feel my skin is reflecting more and is brighter, but most of all its isn’t irritated and angry at the high doses of Vitamin A. 

The 4 basic Great Skin Guidelines to follow:


1. Cleanse

2. Hydrate- Hyaluronic Acid

3. Nourish- Environ Youth Essentia & Defence

4. Protect- Sunscreen


1. Cleanse

2. Hydrate- Hyaluronic Acid

3. Nourish- Environ Youth Essentia & Defence

4. Correct- Hydraquinon (I use to correct my dark pigmentation from sunspots)

For more information on this skin care line and other products and treatments check out AesthetiCare Medical Spa

What do you love/hate about your skin? What are some of your favorite skin products? Please comment below about this post or anything else skin related! And thanks for stopping by Elizabeth by the Sea!

Happy Healthy Skin! 

Claire Wolfe

A Kansas City native with California twist! There is nothing I love more than a big hat to help protect my skin, and look fabulous!

I have a background in fashion and skincare and love to help others learn about healthy skin! I have found a position that I love in the Medical Aesthetics Industry at AesthetiCare Med Spa.

I have learned so much and want to continue to educate myself and others about skincare and all the amazing services, products and technology thats out there!