By Beth Zollars

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I’m writing from my favorite comfy chair overlooking a beach in Southern California – Truly wishing you were here too!  Other times, I may be penning a paragraph from the snowy mountains or somewhere in the lush green prairies.

Whatever your current view – oceans, mountains or prairies the continuously changing landscapes mirror our evolving lives.

The essence of Elizabeth by the Sea doesn’t refer to a geographical state. Rather, it’s a state of being or life itself.

Like the echoing seashore’s indigo waters, one moment lolling with laughter, the next shifting wildly to a treacherous crescendo, continuous change becomes our only stake of permanence. Ebbing with the ocean of life, transitions and transformations can lull us gradually over time or batter us in a moments notice – voiding any familiar ground beneath our feet.

In times of joy or sorrow, we often reach out to our community for celebration or support.  Over the course of our lives—creating connection points through family, friends, careers, and interests— form relationships, growing organically over long periods of time or forging in a singular flashpoint.

Launching Elizabeth by the Sea explores numerous intersections through design, entertaining, style, travel, wellness and motherhood – all wrapped in a palate of sophisticated casual elegance.

Join me in exploring a wide variety of subjects of topical interest -creating a new community of diverse women navigating through the turbulent times and peaceful moments of our lives.

Not so fast!

Aren’t we forgetting an important life ingredient? In order to fully realize the beauty of our communities, take a cue from the safety drill the flight crew says before every trip: “Put on your oxygen mask first.” Before you can be the best for everyone else, you need to be the very best you.

Our first featured post “THE ART OF BEING ALONE” focuses on taking time out to find the very best you – purposefully spending alone time.

So curl up, and indulge yourself with Elizabeth by the Sea.

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