4 Minute Read

By Beth Zollars

I’m on a Holiday Decor Roll.

After finishing the 1-Hr Holiday Pots, I began tackling the store bought wreaths. Purchasing two 24- inch pine wreaths adorned with two sad looking pinecones begging for some TLC. 

Not to worry.

The wreaths each took about 20 minutes. 

Step 1

Adding the leftover remaining greens from the pots will add just the right amount of zazazooy. Trimming the boxwood and magnolia down to manageable sizes (about 4-6 inches)

I’m choosing to leave the pepper berries off and adding some fake red berries I found in my holiday storage bin. The front doors opening and closing create a huge red berry mess popping off easily – as well as Shelly (the dog) thinking treats are for the taking!  


Step 2

Working clockwise insert your additional stems catching on the wreath frame. Contine with the same variety until you get back to the top. Adding more varietys of greens and any other accessories you have. Pinecones, etc. 

Add your bows and make sure you add a little wire loop on the back to hang.


Total work time for pots and wreaths about 2 hours, not counting shopping for the materials and making the bows.

I think it is very doable, do you?  Post your comments about your go-to holiday tips.



Onto the Glazed Ball Pots

10 minutes to complete each pot

The last outdoor holiday decor task on my list are the two small urn pots in front of my walkway. Again, a bit short on time this year, deciding to make my life just a bit easier I’m opting for a nested glazed glass ball look – filling the pots with greenery and giving a casual elegant look. 

Step 1

Saving a bit of greenery from the big pots and the wreaths, I have plenty to nest the balls.

The dirt, a bit frozen in the pots, resulting in a bit more digging to secure the balls.  Tip- don’t wait for the hard freeze!  I dug a small hole for the tops of the balls and flipped them upside down to secure them in the dirt. 

Step 2

Once secure, start nesting your greens in one direction around the glass ball. I used the cypress as it drapes beautifully. 

Step 3

Keep going until all the dirt is coved add some pepper berries or other accouterments if you have them and voila!

Glazed Balls in nest. Simple, beautiful and about 10 minutes to do each pot. Tip – These are glazed glass balls and breakable! Use any you see fit for your lifestyle and budget.


Life is too short to spend decorating for days. I truly believe you can create beauty in the imperfect. Decor for the holidays or all year long can be simple, elegant and timeless. 

Enjoy your Holiday Season, with peace and love in your hearts. 

Please share your holiday hacks and tips in comments.