By Beth Zollars

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I entertain a lot. 

From small casual dinner parties to dining dignitaries designing a casually elegant evening is definitely my lane. Whether its long-time friends or first-time acquaintances If the hostess is relaxed and comfortable it sets the tone for the entire evening.

I can’t cook, entertain, be myself if I’m feeling thorny. Finding the perfect go-to casual but sophisticated look is tricky if you’re running around in too-high heels or too-short a dress. 

Even if an event is catered and I’m playing hostess with the mostess, I can’t fake a smile if my spanks are digging into my abdomen (yes, I wear spanks, don’t judge) or my left toe has no feeling due to my towering pointed-toe albeit gorgeous shoes. 


I will wear a long-dress to masquerade my combat boots if it means my feet are comfy all night. However, over the years, I have managed to create a uniform of sorts for entertaining and it most definitely includes pants.

I prefer a more flowy look, however, a pair of cropped slim tapered pants looks stunning with a kitten-heel.  Moving amongst your guests requires you to be attentive and you can’t do that if you are grumpy as hell. Who needs a pinched-faced hostess?

Here are my top picks for my fav hostess pants – Perfect for other occasions too! 

Pairing Back

Any of these pants would look beautiful with a simple black top. Whether a cashmere turtleneck or a silk bell sleeve blouse. The party is the pant! 

Enjoy yourself as a hostess and be comfortable with these perfect pants for entertaining! What are your go-to entertaining outfits? Do you love pants or have some other perfect entertaining outfit? Share below!

Happy Holidays!


  • Anne McGovern

    I love entertaining also, but I HAVE to be comfortable. I love leggings and a flowy top with boots or flats. I don’t have a ton of living room seating,so I always get to the floor. So leggings are comfortable and allow me to move easily. And you can dress them up or down. I live in them….anyone who knows me will tell you that! I also love a great black pant suit for more special occasions in or out. I’m a pants girl, for sure!